Monday, December 10, 2012

Ubuntu: Installing EPSON Inkjet Drivers

I was enabling EPSON inkjet Stylus SX218 printer/scanner on Ubuntu 11.04. It requires two specific drivers (for printer and scanner respectively) which can be downloaded from EPSON website.

For the printer, one can use ubuntu recommended driver. It will pop up Update Manager once connected to the printer with USB.

For the scanner, one need to go the EPSON website, search for the right product, and install iscan-data (to which iscan depends on) first, then install iscan.

For me, I chose (visit link and search SX218)

  • iscan-data_1.20.0-1_all.deb
  • iscan_2.29.1-5~usb0.1.ltdl3_amd64.deb (for 64bits < 12.04)
  • iscan_2.29.1-5~usb0.1.ltdl7_amd64.deb (for 64bits >= 12.04)
one can double-click to open the file in Software Center.

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