Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get iSpin Full Featured

One needs to install some other software to use iSpin. Under Ubuntu, this can be easily done by Synaptics, but the package names are not so intuitive.
  • Spin (follow this link), the main background program
  • iSpin (interface), run iSpin/ found in the Spin package
  • Tcl/Tk (Synaptics > tcl), iSpin interface
  • Dot (Synaptics > graphviz), for generating automata view
  • Yacc (Synaptic > bison), for compilation
To generate the channel messages flowchart from .trail file (shown as, one can use command
spin -M -t foo.pml
It is saved into
For the flowchart directly built from model, it may be wise to specify it's depth when the model has an infinite behavior.
spin -u100 foo.pml
To generate the automata view in ps file:
./pan -D | dot >
dot -Tps -o
See more here: The Dot Guide.

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