Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scicoslab/Scipad: Upgrading from 8.70 to 8.71

Note: This guide is for Linux.

  1. Download from source
  2. Instructions are here: installation guide
  3. However, to move files from the unzipped source to the scicoslab directory ( /usr/lib/scicoslab-gtk-4.4.1/), use
  4. sudo cp -r scipad/*  /usr/lib/scicoslab-gtk-4.4.1/

    The lesson here is that mv command doesn't have -r option, so cp is all right.

  5. Then start scicoslab with root privilege
  6. sudo scicoslab
  7. Issue the following under scicoslab
  8. genlib("utillib");

    Exit and restart scicoslab, and that will be okay.

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