Sunday, May 5, 2013

Life of Me

So it comes to this moment that I shall write what a true blogger practices. Not those lifeless pieces of knowledge, not wild copies of diffused computer techniques, or minute excerpts or backup discoveries. After all, after hunting after the ocean of webpages to obtain a very portion of nutrition, one wonders about the behind scenes and how the world bloggers think. Simply, a real person to talk with, on the somewhat crossed paths, or even colleagues of the same kind. You know, the laws of attraction.

The prime purpose of this blog was nothing but put aside some tricks that I came across so that later on I can easily find them. So why this turn? Why didn't I write these lines from the very beginning?

Well, I tried, in my second mother tongue. I was a pride self-assumed writer. I have jotted down many of my own guts, most of them obscure and in an archaic style so that no one except those who know me well could bother reading. My journalist-to-be brother definitely attempted to seek a way to understand me, being elder made him fraternal and faster-matured. We had a geographic segregation since every of us had departed to different universities, his in northwest and mine northeast. The span was the width of China. My mother tongue is a Long dialect. And I quickly mastered Mandarin with the spicy of northeastern accent while I stayed four years in the college. I admit that I have quite a talent of mimicking sounds, but not so much on memory. I was terrified to force myself to remember at grade two. We were asked to recite a short paragraph, only three lines. I had fought so hard but I could not manage. Nonetheless, I grew up, with a rather noteworthy fame at the place. During my university period, I observed and struggled, sought and sighed, alone. We met a few times, each time ended up arguing until both were tired. There was a lack of perception. We are seemingly divided by fate. It lasted until today and I have moved to Europe while he becomes a real news reporter. We haven't talked in depth, only some family greetings. There have not been acknowledgeable comments of my writings. My perplexed groaning was like a grain dropped into a pond. Until one day I was provoked to take off everything from my first blog. The blog host set one post as hidden. I thus wrote a python snippet to scrape out my fruits. My major is Informatics, not to brag. To write a piece of running code you need aches as the same when I construe the very picture in my head and put them into readable words. They do take time more than you could plan. I am still on this steep rising learning curve. I had a plea to terminate the amateur author life. Being in a prestigious European university and studying science you could just accord that writing is too much a luxurious leisure. The reality smashed in my face saying nothing is necessary but survival. Music is just in the background to sooth you in hardship. Parties belong to the drinking dudes. News is all of a manipulation of public thought. Religion, a salvation when you have lost your secular hope and become desperate. Talent for languages in such a multilingual context, a not-so-relevant skill to have for decoding the mystery of mathematics, to mention, Computability and Computational Complexity etc. To speak of truth, right now I am into this far-reaching nearby leisure again. Then why?

To solve this, I need to tell more of my latest deviation from the thesis work. I have taken my liberty to taste the whole of Yann's Life of Pi, so the Ang Lee's film. Shall we put this page down at our feet, and scream we are back?! We will see. I had meant to write a comment of Pi, but what do you see?

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