Saturday, March 16, 2013

Choosing Your Web Color Scheme From Paintings

Here is an excerpt:
Museum of Modern ArtStarry Night: Van Gogh accepted the night as a distorting condition, almost the way later modernists like Marcel Duchamp and Jean Arp would use chance to experiment and to break habits. Unable to see clearly, he painted what he saw, ultimately pitting his colors against one another as if they were antagonists in a visual drama. He egged on their clashes with exaggerated daubs of paint, bringing backgrounds forward and giving each inch of canvas its own sense of life. In Western art before him, only the semi-Western mosaics of Ravenna achieved such complete articulation.NYT
Here is an example exploiting this color scheme:
An Octagon Board
For more, please follow this article:
Van Gogh And The Colors Of The Night

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