Saturday, October 20, 2012

dictd: Tibetan Chinese Dictionary Released

Today (Oct 20th) I issue a simple Tibetan Chinese Dictionary (containing 3063 headwords) compiled from a web resource. The hereby noticed dictionary (software) is free to use, redistribute, modify. However, the content in this software is subject to the author (not me)'s proper right. Anyone who tries to derive a new work from this software might be found guilty.



mv tibetan.idx tibetan.index
sudo mv tibetan.dict tibetan.index /usr/share/dictd/
sudo /usr/sbin/dictdconfig -—write
sudo /etc/init.d/dictd restart

Dictionary source: Web.

Disclaimer: The software presented is provided as "AS-IS", any cause from your use is not protected and the quality is not guaranteed. You are using it on your own risk. The author of the dictionary can claim the copyright of this work.

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