Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pdflatex: Combining Multiple .pdf Files

A real example.

\title{The Essential C Notes}
\usepackage{grffile} %to treat the spaces in the file name%
\usepackage{pdfpages} %the package to do the combination job%
\usepackage{hyperref} %for the hyperlink%
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--1.pdf} %pages=- means all the pages%
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--1.3 function.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--1.4 pointer.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--1.5 operators.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--1.6 statements.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--1.7 preprocessing.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--2.12 stdio.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--2.13 stdlib.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--2.14 string.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--2.15 time.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--2.7 math.pdf}
\includepdf[pages=-]{C Guide--Appendix A ASCII Chart.pdf}

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